The following resources have been provided to share the story of Jacob DeShazer and his wife Florence and the legacy of their ministry in Japan.

Many photographs have captured parts of Jacob's story and life. This collection has been assembled by Carol Aiko DeShazer Dixon. Photo Gallery

Jacob DeShazer shared his story of war and forgiveness many times on video. This page contains links to recordings currently available online. Video

There are many books and DVDs available that add to the story of Jacob DeShazer and his ministry in Japan. You will find links and photos to some of these materials here. Publications

The story of Jacob DeShazer and his wife Florence has been published many times in the news and magazines. This page contains links to many of those articles. Published Articles

Many other authors have written about the story of the Doolittle Raids and the DeShazer’s ministry in Japan. Links to those materials are included here. Online Resources

Many articles honoring the life of Jacob Deshazer have been written in the years since his passing. You will find links to many of these articles on this page. Memorial Articles

Recorded at a Men's Conference in 1948 just before Jacob and Florence DeShazer left to be full time missionaries in Japan. Audio Recording